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These 5 tricks will help you be the best in Call of Duty Mobile

COD: Mobile is booming and many are taking the opportunity to join this multiplayer, which can make it difficult for you to advance through levels. If you want to have a winning streak or just improve your experience , these tips can help:  


1. Choose the controls 


At the beginning the game will give you to choose between the simple mode and the advanced mode in the type of controls to use. Although “simple” sounds like an easier way to play, it really limits the accuracy and strength of your shots .  

The advanced controls, meanwhile, allow for more precise control and save ammunition when it comes to fighting. 


2. Adjust the screen 


In the same area of ​​the controls there is an option called "custom settings" that can be easily ignored. Click on it and it will allow you to adjust all the items on the screen to your liking . 

This customization is very important to be able to make the game much more comfortable according to the way you hold the device or if you simply want to see a more organized screen.


3. Wear headphones 


This may go unnoticed when it comes to a mobile game, but whenever you can, wear headphones when playing. There are several hearing aids that allow you to have an advantage over your enemies, such as the direction of blows, shots and even steps . 

On several occasions you will find that you can attack opponents before they notice your presence , if you know where they are approaching. 


4. Learn the movements 


COD: Mobile has a very similar set of movements to the console versions, this may be the reason why you see that your enemies seem to appear and disappear when you least expect it . Practice climbing platforms with the jump command and get used to squatting to take advantage of the structures.  

One of the most useful commands is the glide command, which is activated by pressing the crouch button while running. Added to this you can block the run command by sliding the button up , this will facilitate movement and will leave more space to know what happens on the screen. 



5. Practice with AI 


Something that not many know is that the first games are only against bots , it is not until after level 10 that the confrontations are against real players (and our win count decreases). 

But this change can be used to your advantage, when you have the opportunity to practice in combat against AI (Artificial Intelligence). In these you can get used to headshots and, above all, know the maps in depth to know from where to attack or hide in normal battles. If You Want To Be A PRO Player In Call Of Duty  Then You Should Follow Our Advice At Mods Beast .